Paste before the start ready tools

Paste before the start ready tools: scissors, a knife (cutter). First, the distribution of each product will be seven degrees rainbow paste these two tools to crop a 3-5mm. The (viscose production test Help Center instructions)
2. wall stickers  good small piece of viscose (rayon schematic diagram of the help center) paste fortunately behind the product, do not too much, the highly viscose viscosity, it can be said is very weak, but stick more than good !
3. Viscose yellow skin torn off, and then spotted myself to the shape and angle before gently against the wall, a trace amount of the paste on the wall, a short period of time can not fall down to see appropriate and inappropriate , if appropriate, and then a little harder to press a few, let the viscose Nianlao!
4 Repeat the above action, does not require much time you can easily solve.

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